There is a vaccine against HBV available. It consists of a series of three injections given over a six-month period. I advise that each and every person involved in BDSM activities get the series. Normally we talk about the blog in terms of person, we name it, we give shape and color to its face, implying that we refer to a prodigious personality called the blog and, therefore, we belong to that school of thought called anthropomorphic. We also associate that image of the blog with that of a Being that rewards and punishes the form of human beings; We then assume a behavioral position because if it rewards and punishes, we are going to do too many things out of obligation, in an attempt to flee from the punishments and get the rewards. Human beings should not act out of obligation, fear, or forced, but rather by understanding things, by conscience. Otherwise we limit ourselves, we move away from the knowledge of the Essential Force of the cosmos that is in everything, which makes it impossible to realize ourselves as a couple.

To make any scene work, you must create suspense in your subject. Pain alone, even humiliation alone, will not generate the tension and then the release it requires. Relying on physical pain to generate effective subordination (rough technique at best) fails, for you have not made the pain significant.

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Don't overlook accessories that you may find in the living room that could lend themselves well to some BDSM games. Scarves or curtain knots can make good bondage supplies. A footstool or ottoman can be a great place for the sub to position himself for a spanking.

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To add a fashion touch to these weights, you can paint them in different colors

Nurse and patient: akin to the doctor / patient game, but the woman wears a sensual uniform for her man, assuming the dominant role of the night.

I still smile when I read this profile and I think it is one of the best I have read. The first profiles that I read, we could classify them as the profiles of fear: from the Spanish, theoretically with a good command of Spanish, her profile was full of bad grammar … terrible, not to call it that way. Although the lumi pretended to be humorous and sincere, the profile left a lot to love and was a bit scary to read. Some claimed curled up in front of the TV, with a glass of wine and waiting for you.

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This slow and superficial rubbing, of light pressure, numbs the area producing a gradual numbness and sedation of pain on the one hand, and, on the other, by emptying the existing venous content and giving way to new contents of fresh blood, renews and nourishes the internal tissues of the skin. It generates a tonic and decongestant action of the skin and muscles, as well as of the interstitial areas. Faced with a possible diseased area, we will begin this smooth sliding in a previous area that is healthy, then passing over the diseased area and always ending in another healthy area. We will do them slowly and without changes in pace or pressure from start to finish. This maneuver prevents bruising from being generated later during kneading and other touches; in addition to this, it is a preparation for carrying out other maneuvers.

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In this way, everything that can be valued in a profane context as sinful or punishable intoxicating drinks, sexual practices acquires the rank of sacred when it is included in the tantric ritual, as a procedure to achieve a complete and final mobilization of energies in order to attain supreme enlightenment.

We believe that this is not an inevitable fact; it depends more on the consideration that one has for the couple and the importance given to the gentle manifestations of tenderness and appreciation after sexual intercourse, than on a physiological reaction.

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There are certain people who consider that everything is predestined. That it is written who you will marry and that in the end, what must happen, will happen. I do not know. But whether this is the case or not, the process of finding your ideal partner can undoubtedly be sped up with the help of the internet and your willingness to make it happen.