After orgasm in Coition from Behind, the man lies on his lover's back, his deep breaths ringing in her ears. Their hands come together and the man moves his legs on either side of his lover's, in such a way that he is encasing her with love. When they are rested and ready, the partner turns to the side, and the woman maneuvers so that she lies on her back at right angles to him. It may be possible to sustain penetration at all times, but it is not essential since the main goal of this pose is for the partner to relax and have close eye contact after a strenuous session. The man's hands are free to caress the body of his lover or, if you like after a while, start to arouse her again.

It is essential to take into consideration that fantasies are not necessarily related to reality. The realm of fantasy is the sanctuary in your psyche where you are free to enjoy things you would never do in real life. And fantasy is not only where we can seduce the forbidden; It is also a powerful erotic toy that can be used to awaken, enhance pleasure and reach climax.

For women, this erotic posture requires having to show off their physical condition

Let her take over and watch her use the vibrator on herself. Men are often surprised at how women use vibrators on themselves compared to how men use them on women. Many women prefer to stimulate the external genitalia, the pubic mound, the clitoris, the labia, the perineum, and the first third of the vagina. Men tend to think that a dildo or vibrator, due to its shape, is intended more for thrusting and deep penetration.

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Adriana is an Argentine very morbid

Another technique, 'pico', plays on your arousal level. Barbase Keesling says: 'While making love, watch your arousal levels on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 at climax. As you get to each level, stop concisely and allow your arousal to wane so that instead of shooting at the moon, the arousal travels in a wave-like pattern. You can also lie to your body in order for it to come up with another technique, plateau, where you mimic certain physical aspects of climax by tightening your PC muscles, speeding up your breathing, and tightening the muscles in your arms or legs. Keesling claims that you can train your body to respond to climax effortlessly at will. It's truly a matter of moving forward, experimenting, and spending considerably more time enjoying your pleasure zones!

We met them in Tunisia. They, like us, had taken advantage of the February offers from Viajes Halcón to make a trip at a good cost. Their names were and are called Edurne and Víctor. They were, they are, a couple like, just into their thirties, without children, a couple that surely has to fight day after day to renew the pacts of passion that in all probability one day each of them signed with them (until then I will arrive; below that, by no means; that is the percentage of passion that I am ready to give in to routine).

Tips to win back your partner

I understand that there must be places where the coexistence with their children is monitored, because there are many parents who mistreat them or who could even kidnap them because of the relationship they have with their ex-partner, for this reason the creation of coexistence centers guarantees this possibility by giving safety for minors and monitoring a process of adaptation with parents at the time they have received a sentence and that they restart a relationship process with them. In the middle of the V century of our era, Buddhism was introduced in the Japanese country from the Korean peninsula and although at first it did not have many followers, the introduction of different schools and the consent of its monarchs towards this new religion made it in the next five hundred years it will gain strength. The anma arrived in Japan with the Buddhist friars who, commissioned by the emperor, aimed to develop medicine and instruct the people. This, helped by the peculiarities of the area and its idiosyncrasy, delved into the principles of anma and in this way the ampuku sprouted; an entirely Japanese technique, which was recognized as different from anma during the Edo dynasty (101). In 12, Shiusai Ota wrote a work that is still considered fundamental in this practice today: the Ampuku Blog; He was the one who laid the foundations for this technique to have its own identity.