The life of a couple in the first instance resembles AGAINST NATURA. Well, it's actually SUPER natural. It takes more than just any man and woman. Authentic and specific sexual love is required, something that does not exist in promiscuity, where couple love is such a subjective concept that it ends up being considered a myth.

If you did something that required precision before arguing with a woman or are about to start an argument, stop doing it, especially if it was a dangerous activity, whether it was cutting, welding or driving. Take a break after the discussion before continuing with the same or similar task.

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As you can imagine, this is just the beginning of a relationship. Now, the good news is that you can learn a lot from a first date. Enough to know if the escort girl you took to dinner is as interested in you as you are in her.

Ask your partner how he likes you

With the name of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs, a wide set of infections is known that, transmitted by viruses, bacteria and protozoa, are transmitted, as their name indicates, throughout the maintenance of intimate relationships. To facilitate the understanding of what anatomical language really is, it is worth remembering that at the beginning of communication, gestures and physiognomonic expressions dominated communication, whereas spoken language was not used as skillfully as it is today. . With the evolution of communication, people began to pay no attention to anatomical communication and began to direct their attention only to oral communication.

Hi, I'm Carla, a young university student, passionate and sensual, with an exuberant body and a feline look. I love good sex and enjoy intense and pleasant relationships. I am a lover who takes care of every detail so that our meeting is something truly special, so I love the company of prudent and very elegant gentlemen who value good manners and knowing how to be, to let ourselves be carried away by passion …

In this way, for the revival of passion

I have seen many of the games in this article run by great magicians and do unsurpassed magical feats of them. And I have also seen some magicians who use great devices to split someone in two or to make huge animals appear to make a boring exhibition of the operation of a mechanical device, but magic was conspicuous by its absence. Each and every magic game is good and they are all a crude ruse with a fairly simple secret. What changes is what the magician who makes them transmits to his audience, that is, the sensations that he provokes in them. What the spectators see is going to be what you are producing with your emotion, the disbelief in the face of the fact that what will happen is possible, the illusion that the public will enter and the miracle will be worked, etc.

It is very important that you do not go with the expectation of perceiving forgiveness at that moment, this is practically impossible because the injury caused is serious and requires time to heal, remember that your partner has to be at the same time living his own process: going through the path of forgiveness; but this is going to take time, the essential thing is that or she is willing to do it. Your now is to acknowledge the serious mistake you have made and ASK FOR FORGIVENESS. Remember the sentence at the beginning of this step.

Make resolutions together

Tone is essential in this play. No talking to him like a bus or with a childish tone. That will do the opposite effect. Use the voice that a wild and perverted woman would use. Find your sexiest tone by rehearsing alone beforehand. And never use pejorative or bad taste words. Respect is essential even in these instances. The FRENULUM is a bit of connective tissue that joins the glans of the clitoris with the edge of the inner labia. You also have a frenulum: it is a strip of sensitive tissue that connects the head of your penis to your shaft at the bottom of your penis. Like yours, hers is highly sensitive and can respond well to a warm, wet lick.

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