What exactly is the challenge you are facing? What is causing your tension and anxiety? What makes you worry? For what reason are you unhappy? Write it neatly in detail. However, so many years living in the caves without knowing what happiness is, pleasure, … makes this cost you. I will continue with you, marking steps to continue so that you continue to advance in your recovery. By now you are a new woman.

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The first thing you should know before starting any anal sex practice is that a good, sensual and stimulating shower is the best way to start. Once you've showered, make sure you have plenty of water-based lubricant on hand. Totally reject silicone-based lubricants for these games. If the toy you are going to use is silicone, this type of lubricant can break that dildo.

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Alexia is a beautiful lady

Mix each and every card well, and while you're at it, pose a borderline situation for him so you can see how he would react to it. For example: your friend says that you are faithful to a man who really wins your trust, but imagine that suddenly a boy crosses your path who makes you feel real butterflies in your stomach: what do you think would happen then? Simulate each of the setbacks that you pose with a new mix of cards. Listen to her and play with her responses to, if you like them, say that it is possible that then her true values will always come out even in spite of what may happen, but that you do not know it, although only if it is true a small miracle may occur . So, make your letter appear first. If everything has gone well, taking advantage of his surprise, give him a hug or a kiss and say something like I think I might like you a little. Don't forget about her friend: And I think your friend knows you well. How did you meet?

Having said that, prepare certain memories already ahead of time and run them in your head

Due to the variety of questions, we see that penetration through the anal route arouses pleasures, concerns, fantasies and fears. Modern Sexology has nothing against this type of relationship, as long as they are mutually agreed and produce pleasure for both in a framework of safety and care. Therefore, if certain rules and precautions are followed, it does not bring physical or psychological consequences. Of course, if there are hemorrhoids or an anal fissure, it can bring pain, discomfort or bleeding.