Just as they originally grind the monkey to climb the ladder, when the monkeys changed and had never received a bath of ice water, they still retained the custom of the original monkeys. In our case, thousands and thousands of years ago it was justifiable to be overly cautious when approaching a woman because it could end in disaster, but currently that custom no longer makes sense by any point of view, and not to accept it would be to be almost as primitive like the monkeys in history.

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It seemed to me a good idea, to the development of the text in the way of a figurative biography of the way we men have to discover, live and enjoy our sexualities, to add at the end this text where men could speak without hindrance. Each story, with its personal style and the freshness that it communicates when answering the questions that make up the interview, has been respected except for the details that could reveal, still indirectly, the identity of any of the men interviewed. Obviously, the proper names have been modified in the same way. All these changes, in no case, distort the meaning of everything communicated.

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Start by doing a triple agenda. The time of the 2 is a time with triple band: theirs, yours and yours. And I have put it in this order expressly. First, your individual time. I know you will tell me that in a couple the two of you must be the most important thing. Yes, very romantic, but in this relationship it does not work. Keep your time in mind first, even if it also comes as romantic and tells you that you are the first two. Nothing, take into account his leisures, routines and outings with his friends, do not put many prohibitions on him, do not intend to accompany him to all his activities and Show interest when I explain what he has done and lived. Do not ask too much about their friends, do not become obsessed with whether they are handsome, single, etc. Well, it has nothing to do with your partner's love for you. Don't besiege messages when he's not around you. Be irreverent when you write to him. Better a what are you wearing today? that a simple I miss you, and better a I continue putting when I think of you that a simple I love you. Respect his individual agenda and help him couple it with his partner's without being overly critical. Talk to her honestly about what you would like to do with your partner, that she should not guess and ask her without fear. Let's go to the beach, let's look at it one day. Your Anti-dependent partner is used to making resolutions and you can easily get carried away by his thinking head. But that can bring you problems in the future because one day she can throw it at you as a defect that has cooled her. It was that everything was going well, he never thought anything, he did not contribute anything to me in that sense, complains the Antidependent of his submissive partner. Ask and be flexible when putting it on an agenda, that's the trick. And then there is your individual time, that being with an Anti-dependent I recommend that you have it. For two reasons: one, sometimes you will have time without your partner due to the fact that he / she will have taken off. So, what will you do? Create yourself a personal time, discover yourself in that facet. You have no other choice or you will get depressed. And the other reason is due to the fact that this will earn you points in front of the eyes of your Anti-dependent partner. That you have a life only yours, enjoy it and then explain it to you will give you an air of self-sufficiency that, together with your halo of goodness, will make you find you even more irresistible.

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I am not here to say that any of them is good or bad. I will say that I have also tried them all. They all use exactly the same ingredients. And most of them use such a low dose of those ingredients, that we claim that the placebo effect is an amazing thing. You approach with a broken voice, you stutter, you spill sweat and you project a fragrance to man. As experts on anatomical language preach, you're going to make a bad impression. Guess what? I have done it dozens and dozens of times and I had the opportunity to create very pleasant relationships. Now I ask you, are you going to let the need of the, said relevance of making good impressions stop you at the apparently inopportune moments?