The techniques of Taoism are very precious and like all Taoism and Tantra they are generally soft, subtle, indirect, feminine, loving techniques, but not for this reason less effective than the masculine approach. Hello, I'm Estrella, a red hot Cuban, hot as the sun and tasty as the ripe fruit. A complete lover and specialist in the arts of love. I live with tremendous passion from each and every one of my relationships and the gentlemen who have the pleasure of enjoying my company, surely they will never forget me. If you want to review it for yourself, I am ready to take you to the seventh heaven … Emotion and reason must agree when you decide that it is time to share your private space with someone. Numerous studies show that the largest of divorces are generated due to the indifference of one or both members of the couple facing each other. Taking an interest in your partner is vital to establish a perfect balance in the relationship. Zone I is the one that unconsciously processes thoughts, memories or associations with such force that it influences the generation of emotions and the reality that is projected by the individual. I am going to tell you a secret, the first time I saw you imagine a trip, where we could be together, just you and me, and we felt as one, that could penetrate to the depths of your being and connect with you in a way Slowly, to transmit all my energy and at the same time enjoy looking at the beautiful landscape, being giants and touching the great hills, holding you firmly by the waist, bringing you to me and riding together to the space of pleasure.

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