If you embark on an exercise routine with your partner, be very selective about any uplifting criticism you offer regarding your effort or performance. If you make your partner self-aware, the negative consequences will quickly erase any benefits you may have gained from this joint activity. We have a diligent, physically fit and very vital associate who works with us at Hippocrates, who is 72 years old, but if you saw her, you would think she was twenty years younger. Lizanne grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and lived a fairly traditional married life, with five children when she was 27; then the sexual revolution of the 1960s devastated her in an instant and she left her marriage for sexual experimentation. I learned that free love was a bad idea for me, she says today. It was empty and also unsatisfactory. There are undoubtedly other multiple ways to demonstrate finesse. You can have yours. The essential thing when displaying them is to select the middle ground. There is no question of exceeding yourself. A box of chocolates on the first date is an elegant touch; a diamond necklace, somewhat out of character and, most certainly, practically insulting. The ideal is to show yourself as a normal boy who does not have trouble having a detail with a girl who he likes.